Wednesday, November 24, 2010

IBS: easy treatments that work (at least for me)

There is so many advice considering IBS out there on the net that it requires a lifetime to try all of them. Here are my attempts so far, and the results obtained. Remember you need to try for at least a week in order to see if this works for you too.

To begin with, my normal state is an IBS-D crisis every two or three days.

  • Red wine (contains resveratrol, if you can find it directly as a complement, go ahead): I already mentioned that IBS and alcohol do not mix. But this is my only exception. One glass of red wine a day. Good improvement, one crisis every six or seven days. You can replace with bio red grape juice. Pros: Sweetest medicine ever. Cons: You need to find a wine that contains resveratrol (a lot of varieties nowadays are made with pesticides, the grape does not develop resveratrol as it should in that case). You can't bring your bottle easily when you're on the move. I replaced it with calcium.
  • Calcium: Only for IBS-D sufferers. One complement a day. You may want to start with only a half a tablet, otherwise you may end up with constipation. Sensible improvement, one crisis every five days. Pros: easy to take with, cheap. Cons: none. The fist-aid kit of every IBS-D sufferer.
  • Magnesium: It is known to help reducing stress. Some say this is just a placebo, so I gave it a try. Combined with calcium, I had very good results. One crisis every twelve days or so.
  • Soluble fiber: A little bit of soluble fiber before eating. Combined with calcium, provided good results: one crisis every ten days. I recently gave a go at psyllium, which has a very concentrated amount of soluble fiber, and it was a disaster, my symptoms went much worse. But many people signal relief using it, so you may want to give it a go. I took 5g, which might have been too much for my body to cope, so I will give it another go with 2g.
  • Water: This might sound like an hoax, but I started drinking 1,5 liters of water everyday, and I noticed a real improvement on typical IBS symptoms, like abdominal pain, gas and bloating. I need another few weeks to determine if the crisis also happen less often. The reason to drink water is that what we eat brings acidity to the stomach. Water, or alkaline foods, help the digestive system to maintain a neutral pH and counterbalance this acidity. So if you drink less than 1,5 liters per day, you should try this out. But use water, not soda, not coffee. I will shortly write in depth about a possible IBS diet.
that's it for now. In the next article, I will describe what my next tests will be. I recently stumbled upon some interesting unconventional therapies that I am willing to test.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guillaume, I read your articles with eagerness. Really great work. I find myself going around in circles every week in regards to is IBS physical or mentally induced? Would we experience the discomfort from foods if it did not have a psychological trigger? Isn't your best solution to date - the low carb diet - controlling the symptoms rather than finding the cure?
I am seeing a hypnotherapist for relaxation therapy for IBS and try to keep carbs to a minimum, especially after finding your blog. Earlier I posted a question which meals in a low carb diet can sustain sufficient energy for an active lifestyle, as I need at least 2400 calories a day to not lose weight - and I already only weigh 71kg (1.84m). That's tall and skinny :'(

Guillaume said...

Hello, thanks for the kind words! My opinion right now is that there is a bit of both: probably a real bacterial/viral infection at first, then the brain adapts and makes everything worse. Concerning calories, I highly recommend all nuts, avocado, and cheese (lots of them are lactose free)!
And I would love to weigh 71Kg!


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