Monday, April 11, 2011

The IBS audio program: a review

It's been a while. On my last entry I wrote about my intention to use hypnotherapy against IBS. After a few months trying it out, I can now make a review about what seems to be the best product for us on the market: The IBS audio program.


The IBS audio program ( was developed by Dr. Mahoney, who has been specializing in treating IBS with hypnotherapy for a few decades now.
To my knowledge, this is the only hypnotherapy program that specifically focuses on IBS. You will find a lot of audio programs regarding health in general, I've tried some, and it did nothing for me.

To sum it up:
  • The program lasts 100 days. You have to listen to a session almost every day.
  • There is a total of 5 sessions, each one focusing on a specific method to deal with IBS.
  • A schedule is given for optimal results. You will hear each session approximately 20 times, but not 20 days in a row.
  • Costs £53.76 ($80.10) on CD version. Can also be downloaded as mp3 files.
  • No need to know about hypnotherapy: everything is explained with the brochure, which also contains a very interesting F.A.Q.


Now, to the interesting part. 
First of all, you have to know that hypnotherapy is not a hoax or the new alternative medicine. Is has been used by psychologists for quite a while now, and shows a 90% success rate. read my last entry My next tries to get rid of IBS (1): Hypnotherapy  on the subject.
As of me, the program definitely helped me. Some of my symptoms have almost gone away (the pain), some are better (the diarrhea, the gaz). But I have to say, most of the comments on this program made me hope for an enormous improvement, so I still am a little bit disappointed. I still have a crisis now and then, every 10 days or so (used to be every 4 days). I still have to use calcium.
Something hardly improved: when I am under stress I still very often have a crisis. I would have expected the program to treat this aspect better.
On the bright side, the brochure states that the condition keeps getting better months, even years after having heard the program. Hypnotherapy just kind of "reprograms" your unconscious. so old behaviours can fight, sometimes come back for a while, before being totally replaced by new ones. So I'll see what happens in the next months. Moreover, since it had a good impact on my IBS, I may do the program once again in a few months, hoping to get even better results. The great thing about hypnotherapy is that it cannot do any harm.


So, do I advise buying the IBS audio program? If you're not in need of money, I would say yes.In 90% of the cases, you will see improvements. The price is definitely worth it.
But, you have to stay motivated throughout the program. I felt the first effects after something like 25 days, and had ups and downs until the end. So there is no sense in trying it out for a few days and then give up. Find half-an-hour every day to listen, this is all you need to do.
My only concern is for the people that are not affected by hypnosis (10% of the population). It would have been nice to have a money back guarantee for them.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your success and feedback about the IBS Audio Program 100 - it really helps to give others hope!

It took me 3 complete rounds of the program before I saw any relief, so you actually did way better than I did on just the first round in that it helped your pain, and every 10 days is better than every 4! I was nearly housebound, so it took awhile to help, but it was the best thing I did after everything else failed. So I would say to consider doing the program completely again in a month or so, and see if you do even better!

I now assist with patient support, so if you do run into any problems along the way, feel free to go to the contact page of the website and they will help you out - for free!!!

There can't be a money-back guarantee for the program - just like with meds and other treatments, because many people just give up or dont ask for help, then say it doesnt work - this is not a huge nameless company that can do that - real people helping real people, one at a time! You don't get a guarantee for medicine or doctor visits either - and IBS patients sure can say they have had plenty!

And since you have reported that you have had some fairly decent improvements so far, which can continue further, then certainly you have no need! :)

Do ask if you need further support along the way!

All the best in your continued journey and for sharing! :)

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