Monday, November 11, 2013

IBS and gas: The only thing that works for me

It's been quite a while. I am still dedicated to finding stuff that works for my IBS, and keep on trying new things, but I don't stumble on new promising treatments as much as before. So instead of writing useless articles to keep my google rating intact, I prefer letting the blog as it is.

Anyway, lots of you IBS sufferers can relate to this: one of the most embarrassing symptoms definitely is gas. You can spend a nice evening with friends, even not have the slightest crisis coming, but still feel very uncomfortable because of it. Fortunately, thanks to one of the comments on this blog, I found something that helps a lot.


That may sound crazy, as big amounts of it tend to give more gas, but in my case it actually helps!

This is a well known food for IBS sufferers. Some even react very badly to it, so if that's your case, you may want to try alternatives like ginger or peppermint oil (didn't work very well for me, but it's worth a try).

Basically, garlic is widely used in Indian cuisine, because it helps removing gas, as the food there is incredibly spicy and would be quite hard to digest without help.

To use garlic the right way, DO NOT COOK IT. You would destroy the "allicin", which is a natural antibiotic that can help in case your IBS is linked to bacteria overgrowth. Simply squeeze and cut it, then let it rest while you are preparing your meal. Just add it in your plate before eating. One small clove with your meal should do the trick.

The results for me are truly excellent: I don't get the slightest bout of gas no matter what I eat (of course, as I am heavily lactose intolerant, this won't apply if I do something crazy like drinking milk). I can even eat bouts of gluten without problem. However, you may want to brush your teeth afterwards ;)

I even found out that eating garlic prior to going out seems to help a bit. Probably as no gas develops in the tract, it's easier to feel good while outside.

there is a theory that in case of bacteria overgrowth triggered IBS, eating garlic every day for several months will cure one's IBS. In my case, this does not seem to work. In fact, eating to much garlic or for too long seems to revert its effectiveness, and I feel worse. But it's really cheap and easy to follow, so do not hesitate to give this a go.

Alternatively, many people seem to find relief from gas by using ginger (either in foods or prepared as a tea) or peppermint. So you may want to check these out too!

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Domen Leskovec said...

Interesting observation, Guillaume. I tried eating small slices of raw ginger with my meals and it seems to help with bloating.

In the last few months I experimented with two more things: fasting and resistant starch.

1) Fasting - in the last 2 months I have done 4 whole day (36 hours) fasts - I have a large dinner, go to sleep and fast for a whole day, drinking only water. The day after that I have my first meal - breakfast.
I have done 4 fasts and on all 4 occasions the day after the fast I had very formed stool - Bristol 4. But it seems that the positive effect of fast goes away after a few days and stools becomes loose again with occasional diarrhea.

2) Resistant starch - I learned about it on this blog:

It is considered to the third type of dietary fiber, as it can deliver some of the benefits of insoluble fiber and some of the benefits of soluble fiber.

I tried eating cooled white potatoes and cooled white rice. In the begining I had some bloating, which went away in a week or two. Now I tolerate 0,5 kg and more of cooled white potatoes.
Then I tried raw unmodified potato starch that Richard Nikoley advocated on his blog. 1 table spoon contains about 8 grams of RS = 8 grams of potentially beneficial fiber. Initially I had severe bloating and I stopped the experiment. But after lots of cooled potatoes and cooled rice it seems like there was a shift in my microbiota, because I tried raw potato starch again in January and now I have no more bloating. There was a small positive change in my digestion, but nothing dramatic. But I noticed greatly reduced spikes of blood glucose after a meal with lots of carbohydrates (potatoes) - I actually measured this with my glucometer

Anonymous said...

I found a great product that got rid of all my IBS symptoms, Its called RIDSET and is a safe herbal detox cleanse. I highly recommend it to anyone with these issues. I suffered for many years without realizing I had IBS, But having to run to the bathroom to diarrhea after every meal which I did was not normal. Thank god I found this product to cure me of this embarrassing issue. Good luck on your way to cure!

Louisa said...

Thanks so much for this blog. I have felt so alone with my IBS and haven't really known what to do, and actually started blogging myself just to vent! My blog is
It's such comfort to read about yours and other people's experiences, it's hard to talk about it with other people and I'm picking up loads of tips, and I'm so grateful! So thankyou!

Leaky Gut said...

Very interesting use of garlic. I hadn't heard of thought (or heard) of its use in the treatment of IBS and gas before. But, to me, that is the beauty of natural remedies in the fight against IBS, leaky gut, and bloating... There is always something you can turn to in order to treat yourself successfully. I enjoyed the post. Thank you.

Marvin said...

Woah! This is very interesting. Mine, probiotics works for my IBS and Ginger tea as well for the bloating. But I haven't really tried this garlic thing. It's pretty much logical also since IBS is the effect of Bad bacteria dominating good ones. I mean one of the reason. Well you know there's a lot reason for IBS. All depend on oneself experience. But I am really curious about this one. My only concern is the smell :)

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